Gendered Wars, Gendered Memories

This volume, co-edited by Ayse Gul Altınay, associate professor at Sabancı University, Turkey, and Andrea Peto, professor in the Department of Gender Studies at CEU,  contributes to the feminist search for new words and new methods in understanding the intricacies of war and and memory.

From the Italian and Spanish Civil Wars to military regimes in Turkey and Greece, from the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust to the wars in Abhazia, East Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan, former Yugoslavia, Israel and Palestine, the chapters in this book address a rare selection of contexts and geographies from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. 

Gul Altınay and Peto also co-edited the European Journal of Women’s Studies Special Issue on "Gendering Genocide." 

Based on her experiences of teaching at CEU, Peto also authored two chapters in Teaching About Rape in War and Genocide, a study that combines research and pedagogical experience.

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