CEU Launches Intellectual Themes Initiative to Promote Innovative, Interdisciplinary Work with High Impact

CEU, as it prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary, has launched the Intellectual Themes Initiative as part of a process to explore and develop new activities that encourage cross-disciplinary teaching and research, prompt new forms of civic engagement, enhance the academic profile of CEU and contribute to shaping its future institutional direction. A call for proposals, together with a full description of the initiative, was circulated to all members of the CEU community on November 11, 2015.

The Intellectual Themes Initiative was developed by four faculty working groups, under the coordination of the Strategic Development Committee of the Senate and in consultation with the Academic Forum, the Senate, and the Board of Trustees. The initiative presents four intellectual themes, selected for a period of up to four years and which will be reviewed annually.  The initiative is meant to help bring together various parts of the University, promote innovative work building on the existing strengths of the University while enabling significant new contributions, and help to better project CEU externally. The themes are:

  • Social Mind
  • Inequalities and Social Justice
  • Energy and Society
  • Governance

CEU is already interdisciplinary. These themes will extend that capacity in new directions, and were chosen as inclusive of CEU’s academic intellectual agenda and focus, as well as relevant to today’s global society.

Groups of faculty, researchers, and students have been invited to submit proposals under the four themes. Priority will be given to projects that have a high potential impact of intellectual, professional, educational, or social nature. An initial budget of EUR100,000 per year per theme (a total of EUR400,000 per year) has been allocated.

Projects could be one-off events such as conferences and workshops or longer activities (such as new courses or longer research projects) of up to four years - with a possibility of continuation depending on the evaluation of the entire Initiative. The Rector and the Provost will appoint a selection committee, which will include CEU faculty members who will not be submitting applications themselves, and a non-CEU academic as chair to evaluate applications and allocate funds.

More detailed information and the application form can be found in the attachment below.