Sandor Looks Back on 10 years of Cooperation with International Academic Network on Bioethics

Judit Sandor, professor in the Departments of Political Science, Legal Studies and Gender Studies and director of the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine at Central European University, has been a steering committee member of the International Academic Network on Bioethics since its inception in 2006. The IANB seeks to contribute to international reflection on biomedical questions which many countries are facing, by examining the law from diverse standpoints such as anthropology, philosophy, sociology, medicine, psychoanalysis and even economics.

Every year the IANB hosts workshops with scholars and representatives of various disciplines, such as philosopher Ruwen Ogien or Christine Lazerges, president of the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights. Permanent members include lawyers and academics from 22 countries, including China, France, Belgium, Tunisia, US, Chile, Brazil, Senegal, Egypt, and Switzerland.

The IANB also publishes two books annually on bioethics from different legal perspectives. So far, publications have covered a wide range of topics, from anonymity and reproduction through dying and family to the relationship between the female body and biomedicine. Sandor has contributed to all 11 IANB publications in the past 10 years.

The studies of this comparative legal project are published in French and in English by Bruylant. The project was initiated by Brigitte Feuillet-Liger. 

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