Aleppo Project Fellow AlHakam Shaar Interviewed by Orient Press Radio - Hungarian online radio interviewed AlHakam Shaar, research fellow at The Aleppo Project at CEU’s Center for Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery (CCNR) at the School of Public Policy, about the Aleppo Project and the situation in Syria. A song composed by Gabor Berko for the people of Aleppo, and performed by a group of well-known international musicians led by internationally known Arabic percussionist Adam Hosman, award-winning musicians Anastasia Razvalyaeva (harp player, Liszt Academy), Tijana Stankovic (singer/violinist, Argo Band), Albert Markos (cellist/composer, Argo Band), and Zsuzsanna Toth (flutist, master's student at Conservatiore de Strasbourg) was also broadcast for the first time on radio.