Thinking Through Transition: Liberal Democracy, Authoritarian Pasts, and Intellectual History in East Central Europe After 1989

November 30, 2015

Edited by Michal Kopecek, head of the Department of Late- and Post-Socialism Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History and assistant professor of at Charles University, and Piotr Wcislik, doctoral student in CEU’s Department of History, this volume consist of eighteen essays by authors from the region, discussing how major domains of political thought (liberalism, conservatism, the Left, populism and memory politics) have been fairing in their countries.

“It is not easy for historians to apply their methods to a period that does not yet have a clear end” is the first sentence in this book, revealing the challenge that a new generation of scholars took at writing an intellectual history of post-communist East Central Europe. The studies, grounded in empirical research sensitive to local contexts, detail a history of adaptations, entanglements, and unintended consequences.

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