Center for Policy Studies Joins SOLIDUS Research Project

Andrew Cartwright, co-director of CEU’s Center for Policy Studies, Sara Svensson, visiting professor in the School of Public Policy at CEU, and Julia Szalai, visiting professor in the Department of Political Science and Nationalism Studies Program and senior research fellow at CPS, participate in the SOLIDUS Research Project (Solidarity in European Societies: Empowerment, Social Justice and Citizenship) with 13 other partner institutions from Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom. The consortium is coordinated by the Centre for Research on Theories and Practices for Overcoming Inequalities (CREA) at the University of Barcelona. The project activities will be implemented in 36 months with a total € 2,495,608 funding from the European Commission's H2020 Programme.

The SOLIDUS project analyses in depth the acts of solidarity which are being developed across Europe, the extent to which they respond to dialogic and inclusive processes, the related outcomes and the policy developments. The project starts from previous findings on successful actions which are combating the crisis – by creating employment or improving access to health – through acts of solidarity. These acts are thus contributing to construct more inclusive and prosperous societies, by influencing at the macro-level (social inequalities) and micro-level (psychological well-being).

In this regard, the research aims to identify common elements among these acts in order to examine their transferability to different contexts. To cover this objective, effects of these actions in five social areas will be studied in depth: housing, education, employment, engagement and health. Simultaneously, special attention is paid on social investment policies which are supporting these initiatives.

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