The Multiple Benefits of Online Conferencing at CEU

December 1, 2015

In the last two years CEU completed major upgrades in its online conferencing software capabilities on campus, and will further expand the number of rooms with online conferencing capabilities during the campus redevelopment. The implementation of multiple smart conferencing rooms in collaboration with mobile equipment that can be used in almost any location on campus has made online conferencing, teaching and communication more convenient and effective than ever before. Using sophisticated camera, voice recording and projection equipment in unison with the Bluejeans software platform has made online conferencing a means for creating effective and flexible teaching and learning environments without the necessity of traveling great distances. Over the past two years new online telecommunications software has been utilized to hold 340 separate meeting sessions with 469 different parties, resulting in a total of 49,003 minutes (over 34 days) of online communication. Bluejeans estimated that over 3,046,830 km of equivalent air travel has been reduced by choosing to communicate online. This reduction in air travel associated with teaching, learning and communicating results in the avoidance of a significant amount of carbon emissions associated with CEU activities.

Bluejeans has commended CEU for the University’s efforts in contributing to communicating more efficiently without needing to increase our travel footprint. All CEU community members are encouraged to learn more about online communication capabilities at the University.