CEU Launches Weekend Classes for Registered Refugees

As part of a range of both humanitarian and academic efforts to help ease the refugee crisis in Europe, CEU is launching a program offering weekend courses for refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary. Starting January 16, registered refugees and asylum seekers can participate in English courses, academic tutoring to help prepare applications to university, an introduction to life and culture in Hungary, an academic course on human rights, and a course on careers. 

Registration is open until Dec. 31 and available at this link: http://www.ceu.edu/refugeecourseregistration

The courses are free of charge, and taught exclusively by volunteers from within the CEU community. They are not linked to any degree program but are meant to help ease the transition into a new country and finding employment. The team of staff, faculty and students working on this project manage this Facebook page where you can find more information about the program. Information about new courses and registration opportunities will be posted on the Facebook page and CEU's Refugee Crisis Response web page.