CEU Student Eros and CEU Researcher Strenchock Behind Cargomania

http://hvg.hu/itthon/20151218_Cargonomia_Zsamboki_biokert_Kantaa_ - Hungarian news portal hvg.hu reports about Cargomania, a cooperation between three socially and environmentally conscious small enterprises operating in the Hungarian capital. Partners of the project include Cyclonomia, Do it Yourself Bicycle Social Cooperative led by MBA student at CEU’s Business School Levente Eros, Zsamboki Biokert, an organic vegetable farm and sustainable agriculture community education center which distributes weekly vegetable boxes to food communities in Budapest that is overseen by Logan Strenchock, researcher at CEU’s Campus Services Group, and Kantaa, a self-organized bike messenger and delivery company. For more, see http://cargonomia.hu/?lang=en