CEU Launches Open Learning Initiative with Weekend Courses for Registered Refugees

CEU launched CEU OLIve, a series of weekend courses for registered refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary on Jan. 16 with five courses and 43 students. The program is run and courses are taught by more than 30 student, faculty and staff volunteers from across the CEU community. OLIve will run every Saturday for the duration of the winter term, and then a new program will begin in the spring term and also run every weekend.

The five courses are - academic tutoring (in environmental sciences, human rights law, economics, philosophy, politics, public policy, international business law, sociology/social anthropology and mathematics; a course called “Human Rights,” English classes (elementary, intermediate and academic English levels), a course called “A Short Guide to Hungary” and a course on careers and job-hunting skills. The program does not offer a degree or entry to CEU degree programs but is rather a service to refugees whose studies were interrupted by conflict or who are seeking to develop their skills for the job market in their new home country.

The enrolled students for this term hail from Somalia, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uganda, Eritrea, Sudan, Gambia, Iraq , Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Palestine, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Russia and Yemen.

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