Call for Applications to CEU Summer University Course on Topics in Violent Online Political Extremism

Organized by the Center for Media, Data and Society and held at the School of Public Policy of Central European University in Budapest, the Topics in violent online political extremism course is designed to provide PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, advanced MA students, civil society, policymakers and policy advocates, industry representatives, security professionals, journalists, and others with an introduction to the role of the internet in contemporary violent political extremism(s); the ethics and practices of monitoring violent extremist content;  the role of social media companies in responding to online extremism; impacts on freedom of expression and privacy online; and of how to research and contribute to ensuing policy debates.

Application deadline is March 15, 2016. For more information, see

The course takes place as part of the VOX-Pol Network of Excellence research project the Center for Media, Data and Society is a partner in.