CEU Business School’s Big Data Insights Course Attracts 60 Students

What do Tesla, smart agriculture, healthcare, artificial intelligence, data visualization, social listening and data science have in common? Two words: Big Data.

Big Data Insights, an elective course offered for A1MBA and Executive MBA students at CEU Business School earlier this month turned out to be the most popular course this year. Over 60 students participated from all across the School and other CEU departments, some even flew over from the School’s Warsaw partner, WUT Business School.

Professor Achilles Georgiu, director of the MS in IT Management and MS in Business Analytics programs, kicked off the course with a thought-provoking presentation explaining how Big Data is becoming the new natural resource as we move to the new era of cognitive computing, how we can use it in our everyday life, and how it's changing the business environment.

During the three-day course, CEU Business School hosted more than 12 speakers representing various fields and professions, including academia, the corporate world, data science, data visualization, politics, subject experts and start-up founders.

The course offered a great opportunity to obtain valuable insight on how versatile the use of big data can be in different industries, and students also had a chance to get first-hand experience on the practical use of big data by trying facial analysis software, and by sitting in a real Tesla, which was the highlight of the weekend.

The Big Data Insights course gives a brief overview of CEU Business School’s MS in Business Analytics program, which offers a much deeper knowledge in each of the areas discussed this thematic weekend.

Apply to CEU Business School’s MS in Business Analytics program, starting February 2016, be an expert of this exciting new field, and take on one of the most important positions within any organization in the future.

Read more at http://business.ceu.edu/big-data-insights