Horvath, Buxton Named Acting Deans of CEU Business School, School of Public Policy

Julius Horvath, professor and head of the Department of Economics, has been named acting dean of CEU Business School, while Julia Buxton, associate dean for academic affairs and programs as well as professor of comparative politics at the School of Public Policy (SPP), has been named acting dean of SPP. Both appointments, made by CEU President and Rector John Shattuck, begin August 1 for a period of one year.

CEU Business School Dean Mel Horwitch is stepping down after finishing his term at the end of the Academic Year. SPP Founding Dean Wolfgang Reinicke is stepping down at the end of July as planned after completing his five-year term.

“Mel Horwitch has done an excellent job over the past five years in strengthening the School and making it a major part of the University,” Shattuck said. “As a distinguished economist who has taught at the School, Julius Horvath is ideally suited to guide it during the coming academic year as the School moves to the new campus and is integrated into the University.

“As founding Dean, Wolfgang Reinicke led the development of the School of Public Policy into an international center for educating new generations of public and civil society leaders,” Shattuck stated.  “Fortunately, we have an outstanding interim successor in Julia Buxton, who has worked closely with Wolfgang as Associate Dean for the last year and a half.”

Horvath has taught at CEU since 2005, and received the prestigious Hungarian title of “egyetemi tanar” (university professor) in 2009. He takes the helm of the Business School following the fall 2015 launch of a new Masters in Business Analytics program in cooperation with the Department of Economics and the launch of a new PhD in Business Administration program, which welcomes its first group of students in fall 2016. Horvath will step down as head of the Economics Department on August 1 to devote his full attention to the Business School.

Buxton, a distinguished and widely published authority on the impact of narcotic drugs and counter narcotics policies on development, peace building, poverty and human rights, will lead SPP as the School, founded in 2011, continues to build its reputation as a unique international hub for multi-disciplinary study of public policy, innovative teaching and research, as well as extensive engagement with policy practice.