Shortcut or Piecemeal: Economic Development Strategies and Structural Change

January 28, 2016

Alternative strategies of economic development have received little attention in the literature. Academics rarely compare certain strategic features or assess the performance of different strategies in terms of outcomes. This book by Jan Winiecki, professor and chair of International Economics at the University of Information Technology and Management (WSIZ) in Rzeszow, Poland and former member of the Polish President's Policy Advisory Council, seeks to address that gap and to provide a theoretical background to the shift from industry to human capital-intensive services as the engine of economic growth. Pioneering studies reveal interesting trends and patterns that point to the growing importance of intangible capital for the level of GDP. They also indicate a much greater role of economic freedom in bringing about this second great structural change than was the case with industrialization. With this perspective on structural change and the role of freedom, Shortcut or Piecemeal also provides an extensive assessment of four key developing countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China.