CEU Hosts 16 Fellows in the Framework of CEU/HESP Visiting Research Fellowship Program

CEU departments, schools and research centers currently host 16 visiting research fellows from three continents in the framework of the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations (CEU/HESP) Visiting Research Fellowship program. In AY 2015-16 altogether 24 fellows will visit CEU during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. For the fellows` profiles see http://www.ceu.edu/sites/default/files/attachment/basic_page/1508/visitingresearchfellows2015-16_3.pdf

Fellowships are offered to academics employed in higher education institutions who wish to spend one or two semesters at CEU conducting original research that will lead to a groundbreaking publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. The fellowship program is administered from the Office of the Provost, and the fellows can be hosted by any CEU school, department or research center.