CEU Conference Panel Focuses on Media and Illiberal Governance

http://nol.hu/kulfold/teve-nelkul-nincs-forradalom-1602421 - Hungarian news portal nol.hu reports: “Illiberal Governance” was the topic of a conference organized by CEU on February 19-20. The event, part of the university’s Frontiers of Democracy series initiative, which explores what democracy means in today's complex world, discussed the following questions: What is the nature of illiberal governance? What are its forms and manifestations? Why does it appear to be gaining ground at the expense of democratic freedoms? How do constitutional democracies and illiberal autocracies play out in a global context? The news article reported on the panel focusing on media and illiberal democracies.

The article is also available in Nepszabadsag (2.20.2016. p.4. Teve nelkul nincs forradalom)

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