CEU Elects New Senate

February 22, 2016

Memebers of the CEU community were invited to vote for their Senate representatives February 11-17. The Nominating, Election and Vote-counting Committee (NEVC) announced the results on February 18. The new CEU Senate members are:

Senior Academic Staff - 6 seats:
Nadia Al-Bagdadi (Department of History)
Agnes Batory (School of Public Policy)
Bela Greskovits (Department of Political Science)
Julius Horvath (Department of Economics)
Prem Kumar Rajaram (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology)
Renata Uitz (Department of Legal Studies)

Junior Academic Staff - 2 seats:
Alexandra Kowalski (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology)
Simon Rippon (Department of Philosophy)

Administrative Staff - 1 seat:
Chrysolovantis Margaritidis (Dean of Students Office)

The mandate of the newly elected Senate members is for three calendar years. The elected new Senate officially takes office when it holds its first meeting.

The NEVC would like to thank the most kind assistance of the Provost and Pro-Rector Liviu Matei, Academic Secretary Tatiana Yarkova, CEU Legal Counsel Irisz Szel, Agnes Lukacsi from the Human Resources Office, Gyorgy Finta from  Campus Services Group, the Communications Office, and in particular Peter Lorenz, and the careful attention and time given by the Elections Wardens: Veronika Juhasz, Zsuzsanna Kis, Dora Sarosi, and Mariann Ven.