CEU Summer University 2017 Seeks Call Proposals

CEU’s Summer University (SUN) offer courses that cater for the various needs of academic and professional development in the social sciences and humanities across a wide spectrum of disciplines. These include anthropology, cognitive science, comparative religion, environmental sciences, gender studies, history, history and philosophy of science, international relations, cultural, legal, media and medieval studies, philosophy, political science, public policy, sociology, etc. The program encourages topics in newly emerging fields. Courses often tend to address currently relevant issues, such as ethnic relations, migration, nationalism and transnationalism, globalization, human rights, urban development, poverty reduction, integrity, religion and identity, and gender inequalities, among others. These issues are discussed in a general theoretical framework as well as embedded in the context of the actual countries/regions the participants come from.

SUN invites course proposals for CEU SUmmer University 2017, offering three proposal submission options with the following deadlines:

OPTION I: Two-stage submission process with a simplified first stage and the provision of more materials in the second stage once the proposal has passed the first one.

1. Submission of a draft proposal, deadline: April 7, 2016    

2. Feedback on draft proposals by the SUN Board, deadline: April 29, 2016    

3. Submission of the complete course proposal, deadline: June 6, 2016

OPTION II: One-stage submission of new full proposals, deadline: May 5, 2016

If a proposal author does not wish to take advantage of the two-stage process and receive feedback from the CEU Summer University Board before submitting the complete proposal, the first stage of sending a draft proposal can be skipped

OPTION III: One-stage submission of repeat full proposals, deadline: August 10, 2016

Repeat courses are requested to submit a one-stage full proposal.

The program invites innovative, research-based and/or policy-oriented course proposals taught by a team of 5-7 outstanding faculty members, representing a wide range of geographical, disciplinary and institutional backgrounds from CEU and elsewhere. The target audience is master's and doctoral students, junior faculty and researchers, and professionals. (For detailed guidelines see the attachement.

The program aims at strengthening CEUs research capacity and academic network-building efforts, therefore course proposals are especially welcome that could be successfully integrated into the university’s research strategy and planned projects by

- proposing topics, disciplines and methods CEU aims to promote

- enhancing CEU's collaboration with its strategic partners and involving new ones through the summer school

- yielding long-term results, such as creating research networks, initiating (joint) publications, etc.

- including a summer school organised with the help of the SUN office in your grant applications to the EU or other donors

I hope many of you will be interested in using SUN as one of the programs offered by the university to accomplish the above goals. If you have not worked with us before and would like to find out more about the summer courses, please contact me by phone (#) or email, and I will be happy to answer your questions.

For more information, see  http://summeruniversity.ceu.edu/call-2017 or contact Executive Director of SUN Eva Gedeon at ext. 3069 or gedeone@ceu.edu