Nationalism Studies Student Neuberger Wins Participation at European Solidarity Academy - Hungarian news portal reports: The European Solidarity Centre as well as co-organizers and partners - The Jan Nowak-Jezioranski College in Wroclaw (Poland), Common Europe Foundation (Poland), The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (Czech Republic), Ad hoc (Slovakia) and Jozsef Attila Circle Literary Assocation (Hungary) - of the Solidarity Academy 2016  invited young journalists from the Visegrad states to the 12th edition of the Solidarity Academy held in Gdansk between 21st-27th February 2016. At the workshops and lectures held during the Solidarity Academy, 16 young journalists had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn skills helpful for the work of as an ambitious journalist, commentator and analysts interested in such issues as geopolitics or liberation movements on both global and the European scale. Three Hungarian journalists participated in the program, among them Eszter Neuberger, MA student at CEU’s Department of Nationalism Studies.