The Positive Mind: Its Development and Impact on Modernity and Postmodernity

February 23, 2016

This book by Evaldas Nekrasas, professor of philosophy at Vilnius University, Lithuania, is an intellectual adventure story, a history of ideas, and a rigorous reappraisal of a major movement in philosophy, science, and culture that many have been pronounced irrelevant, passé, even dead. Yet upon closer consideration, we may find that what we have come to call positivism has profoundly influenced our thought and practice in numerous ways. It would be difficult to find another philosophy that has been more influential, and at least by that measure, we may say that positivism not only survives, but thrives. In this book the origins, problems, and dilemmas of the positive mind are discussed, its challenges are revealed, and the entire drama of its development is presented.

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