IAS Seeks Applications for Artist in Residence Program

The Institute for Advanced Study at CEU (IAS CEU) invites applications for its Artist in Residence Program for the academic year 2016/2017 under the annual theme of ”Space and Place”. See details below and more information and application forms here.

Space, as trope, image and metonymy, serves as a productive sign for processes of location, movement and settlement: fixed yet ever-changing, grounded while also conceptually abstract and vast. Space and Place have, more recently, been challenged by the extraordinary degree of mobility brought about by new conditions for the organization of labour and by the dislocations resulting from conflict and the reorganisation of socio-economic and political systems. These changes, wrought in the human condition, provoke a vigorous potency and versatility in human response and forge challenging possibilities for future understandings of the local and the global, as well as of Space and Place. Possible contrasts which emerge from this rich concept might include: rootedness and uprooting, assembly and dispersal, determination and disorientation, location and dislocation, habitation and vacancy, organisation and disassembly, stasis and flux. Space and Place may also respond to ideas of temporality, conjuring up locations and habitations that once were; that are; that may well be. Space and Place might be beyond reach, beyond repair, or both, conjuring up an idyll of things past, bringing into presence an absence that is as palpable as the present, prompting a nostalgia for the future as much as for the recollected past. Much more, Space and Place may provide solace and support in the act of design and in the art of work.