IT Department Seeks Suggestions on How to Best Utilize CEU’s New 3D Printer and Scanner

March 22, 2016

The IT Department welcomes suggestions as to exploring the possibilities and identify areas where these the recently purchased 3D printer and scanner could be useful for academic activities. With ideas on how to involve these devices in your particular areas, contact the IT Department at

Technical specifications:

3D printer: Makerbot Replicator -

3D scanner: 3DSystems Sense -

Makerbot desktop software to export 3D plans for printing:

World’s largest 3D printing community – shared and available models:

At the moment, the following colors of filaments are available: white, blue, red, green, black – however other colors can be also ordered if desired.

For the time being, the devices are located at the Zrinyi 14 5th floor IT office.