Center for Business and Society (CBS)

One of the most important developments or events in the unit's history

CEU Business School's Center for Business and Society is one of eleven organizations involved in the GLOBAL VALUE project (Assessing the Impacts of Multinational Corporations on Global Development and Value Creations). Funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme, the project aims to create a framework and toolkit that multinational companies ((MNCs) can use to comprehensively assess and better manage their impacts. The Center, whose specific research area is transparency and anti-corruption, is involved in all work packages. The Center will also be a work package leader on assessing the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals and analyzing the process for defining the new global Sustainable Development Goals. The research project started in January 2014 and will conclude in June 2017. The total budget is €2.5 million.

The most important development in 2014-15

In early 2015, international academic publisher The Case Centre published two CBS case studies, "Streamlining CSR: An Answer in Economic Difficulties (Telenor Hungary)" and "E.ON Hungary: CSR-Social Obligation or Financial Burden?"

Other important developments in 2014-15

  • The Center prepared two drafts for Global Value book chapters, "Evaluation and synthesis of indicator-sets, compound indicators, footprints, sectoral and regional multipliers" and "The importance of anti-corruption and transparency for achieving sustainable development"
  • The Center completed the first version of the case study "Anti-corruption and Transparency Issues in Tanzania's Gold Mining Sector"
  • CBS prepared four progress reports on the development of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Engagement with external entities in 2014-15

The Center hosted a Global Value workshop and consortium meeting in Budapest on November 6-7, 2014. Participating partners organizations included the Institute for Managing Sustainability, WU, Austria, Aalto University School of Business, Finland, the Copenhagen Business School, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, the Institute for Applied Ecology, Nottingham University Business School, the University of Saarland, Sustainalytics; BRAC, and Sokoine University, Tanzania.

Faculty distinctions in 2014-15

Major events in 2014-15

In January 2015, the Center organized a field trip to Tanzania to conduct interviews with Ashanti Gold company officials, local and national government officials and civil society stakeholders in preparation for the case study "Anti-corruption and Transparency Issues in Tanzania's Gold Mining Sector."