CEU Library

One of the most important developments or events in the unit's history:

For the last five years, the CEU Library has been preparing for its new space that will open in 2016 as part of the Campus Redevelopment Project. The Library will carry on its tradition of supporting openness and creation of knowledge as well as providing an exceptional corpus of print and online research collections. Planning for new information technologies for media and digital literacy that complement existing library services will ensure that the Library will remain vital to the intellectual life of the CEU community well into the future.

The most important development in 2014-15:

The CEU Library is very pleased to offer Alumni access to over 3,800 full text journals and 5,400 e-books. Alumni have long sought to maintain access to library resources as they transition to the next stage in their careers. Working with Alumni Services and the IT Department, we now provide access to JSTOR, Oxford University Press publications, Project Muse, and Sage journals online.

Other important developments in 2014-15:

  • The CEU Library launched its new website (http://library.ceu.edu) with contemporary features including optimization for mobile devices. A wide range of online resources required for scholarly research are now more easily accessible from wherever faculty and students choose to work.
  • Our "Welcome to CEU Library" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1g3IND66rs) featuring CEU students was a big hit and depicts why the Library is essential for their research, study, and even well being. In the words of a CEU student from China: there is a legend that there is a best chair in the Library and once you find it, you find your home for research.
  • Engagement with external entities in 2014-15:
  • A CEU research librarian joined CEU faculty in Myanmar visiting the University of Yangon to offer library skills training sessions for faculty and librarians in using databases and various software tools.

Major events in 2014-15:

The CEU Library was pleased to host two academic visitors to talk about the future of research libraries and the changing scholarly publishing landscape: Dr Elliott Shore, executive director of the Association of Research Libraries, and Gregg Gordon, President of the Social Science Research Network. Engagement with external visitors and hosting campus-wide discussions not only increases the academic vitality and visibility of the Library, but also promotes critical thinking about its future roles.