Department of History

One of the most important developments or events in the unit's history:

Undergraduate Conference: In August 2014, the departments of History and Medieval Studies co-hosted a large scale Undergraduate Conference under the title "Empire and Nation." 140 students from 41 countries applied to the conference, 70 eventually presented papers at the conference.

The most important development in 2014-15:

  • The position in Soviet and Post-Soviet history was filled with Charles Shaw (Berkeley), whose research focus is on the Central Asian Soviet Republics
  • The position in Comparative History was filled with Jan Hennings (Cambridge). Hennings works on diplomacy and early modern international relations, with a focus in the Russian Empire.

Other important developments in 2014-15:

  • Upon the initiative of several Department of History (HIST) faculty members, the Specialization in Political Thought was launched (in cooperation with other CEU departments) at the occasion of the conference "Trust and Happiness in Political Thought", co-hosted by the Department of History and the European Society for the History of Political Thought.
  • HIST and the School of Public Policy co-organized the Summer University course "Religious Violence in a Global Perspective".

Faculty distinctions in 2014-15:

  • Nadia Al-Bagdadi became the Director of CEU Institute for Advanced Study
  • Constantin Iordachi was promoted to full professor
  • Susan Zimmermann was selected for a fellowship for the International Research Center "re:work. Work and Human Life Cycle in Global History", at the Humboldt University in Berlin
  • New York University Center for Ballet and the New York University Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia, jointly nominated Marsha Siefert to be the "Inaugural Center for Ballet and the Arts - Jordan Center Fellow for the Study of Russia and Ballet.

Major events in 2014-15:

  • High profile public lectures – Sheila Fitzpatrick "Stalin and his team"
  • Natalie Zemon Davis Annual Lecture Series – Leslie Pierce
  • Public Lectures by Professors Oleg Khlevniuk and Ronald Grigor Suny