Environmental Sciences and Policy

One of the most important developments or events in the unit's history:

Starting of the Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) Consortium with three other European Universities in 2005.

The most important development in 2014-15:

For the year 2014-15, MESPOM ranked 55 under the category 'Best Masters for Sustainable Development and Environmental Management Worldwide' by Eduniversal Group.

Other important developments in 2014-15:

MESPOM Program continues without external support from EU.

Engagement with external entities in 2014-15:

Victor Lagutov became Board Member of "Eye on Earth" consortium.

Faculty distinctions in 2014-15:

Diane Urge-Vorsatz became Vice-Chair of Working group 3 of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Aleh Cherp became Chair of Panel for Society, Population and Environment of the European Research Council.

Major events in 2014-15:

Laszlo Pinter and Diane Urge-Vorstaz took part in United Nations Environment Program, Global Environmental Outlook-6 report.