12th Annual CEU NGO Fair Attracts 26 Organizations

CEU's 12th Annual NGO Fair, hosted by the Human RightS Initiative March 22, was a grand success, based on the following data:

  • Number of participating organizations: 26
  • Number of representatives: 60
  • Number of people visiting the Fair: approx. 100
  • Duration of the Fair:  210 minutes
  • Number of volunteers helping: 4 (3 CEU students + HRSI intern)

The fair offered opportunities to meet and network with representatives of the most vocal local and international civic initiatives, and get to know more about opportunities to volunteer with them or do an internship. 

The following organizations were represented:

  • Romedia Foundation
  • European Roma Rights Center
  • International Organization for Migration
  • Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary
  • Labrisz Lesbian Associaton
  • Roma Education Fund
  • Roma Press Center
  • Haver Informal Jewish Educational Public Benefit Foundation
  • Mental Disability Advocacy Center
  • Humusz Szövetség
  • Artemisszió
  • European Center for Non-for-Profit Law
  • Tom Lantos Institute
  • Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation
  • The Global Network for Public Interest Law (PILnet)
  • Cold War History Research Center
  • SOS Gyermekfalu
  • Levegő Munkacsoport
  • European Youth Centre
  • Hungarian LGBT Alliance
  • Uccu Foundation
  • Student Recruitment Office 
  • European Children's Association
  • Heforshe
  • International Centre for Democratic Transition
  • Greenwill