Call for Applications for CEU Teaching Development Grants

CEU Teaching Development Grants aim to support individual faculty members in the development of teaching projects. The grants are available on a competitive basis with funds up to €2,000 euros per project per academic year. Teaching Development Projects should be designed to focus on inquiry and experimentation, particularly in areas outlined in the CEU Strategic Plan: greater development of connections between research and teaching; using new technologies to support learning; incorporation of problem-based learning; teaching with case studies; the development of interdisciplinary approaches to teaching; and other research-based teaching strategies.

Teaching Development Grant funds may be used to hire a doctoral student to serve as a Teaching Development Grant project assistant, to attend teaching-related workshops and conferences, or to purchase software or other teaching-related equipment or materials required for implementation of the teaching development project. The fund may not be used for faculty salary support. Grants will be available annually on a competitive basis. CEU teaching faculty members who hold formal CEU faculty appointment with the University over the period of the project are eligible to apply.

Project Support from the CEU Center for Teaching and Learning

Grant recipients may choose to work with CEU’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) through all phases of their teaching innovation projects. In such cases, CTL faculty are available to collaborate with individual faculty members to explore teaching ideas and challenges that interest applicants as they develop their project proposal; consult with interested faculty members and doctoral student project assistants as they develop their ideas into pilots and small-scale teaching innovations; and share feedback and research insights during the implementation of the projects and follow-up activities, including possible video documentation and analysis.

Review Process and Criteria

The call for applications for CEU Teaching Development Grants will be announced at the beginning of each academic year and will be awarded in two cycles:

First funding cycle: Applications for projects to begin during the current academic year in 2015-2016 were due on November 15. Grant awards for this cycle will be announced in December.

Second funding cycle: Applications for projects to begin in the next academic year in 2016-2017 will be due on May 2. Grant awards for this cycle will be announced in late May.

Applications are reviewed by the Provost and 2-3 additional rotating faculty members. The director of the CTL will serve ex officio.

Projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

* Clear articulation of the motivation for undertaking the project, project goals, and plan for future on-going development;

* Feasibility;

* Potential to improve student learning;

* Compatibility with the CEU Strategic Plan;

* Meaningful use of technology to support student learning (in the case of innovation projects focusing on technology integration;

* Budget.

Projects should be completed within one year, and a short final, narrative report will be required within three months of project completion. There’s no need to submit a financial report.

All applications and reporting information should be directed to Veronika Csapo of ACRO at

If applicants wish to meet with faculty members at the CTL to discuss their teaching project ideas, please contact Sally Schwager at:

The Center for Teaching and Learning is hosting an an info session on Thursday, April 21 at  4 pm at Faculty Tower room 308.