CEU Launches New Website for the University-wide Intellectual Themes Initiative

CEU launched a new website for its Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI) at www.ceu.edu/iti on April 18. The Initiative, launched in fall 2015, aims to promote exploring and developing new activities that encourage cross-disciplinary teaching and research, prompt new forms of civic engagement, enhance the academic profile of CEU and contribute to shaping its future institutional direction. The new website provides background information and news about the Initiative, and presents the four individual themes, which are at the forefront of CEU’s current scholarship and social engagement. The site contains up-to-date information about the ITI calls for proposals, upcoming deadlines as well as project evaluation criteria. Short presentations of all the projects supported by ITI, news about the University-wide seminar series, and past and upcoming events are also available on the website.

For more information, contact iti@ceu.edu.