CEU Community Invited to Charity Lunch

Director of CEU's Admission Office Zsuzsanna Jaszberenyi has been hosting charity lunches at CEU for years to support her “Homeless Project”.

“In winter 2009, Budapest shelters ran out of funds and couldn’t provide food for the homeless. Families were encouraged to cook for people in need. After doing so for a while at home, I shared the call with the CEU community, and we repeat the drive every year,” she said of the CEU community spirit and willingness to help.

The project provides two meals (warm and cold)  to 75 people at the Vajdahunyad Homeless Shelter in Budapest's 8th district every week from the second week of December as long as donations last, usually until late April. Jaszberenyi's aim is to expand the project, so that from December 2016 meals can be provided more than twice a week.

The CEU Community is invited to join a charity lunch on Monday, June 20 in Room 202 in the Monument Building.  If interested, enter your full name and choose a time slot and meal here.


- soup: cold broccoli cream soup

- main course:

            1. chicken breast fillet with mushroom, sour cream and rice

            2. Swedish mushroom salad with rye bread

            3. Mayonnaise tuna salad with pasta

- dessert: coconut ball (rum flavour, no alcohol)

Should you opt for take-away, bring food containers with you. 

Suggested donation is HUF 3,000. Meal vouchers are accepted.