The Visual World of the Hungarian Angevin Legendary

Dispersed in two continents, four countries and six collections; many of its pages were cropped, cut into four, or lost forever; its history, origin, commissioner and audience are obscure; still, in its fragmented state it presents fifty-eight legends in abundant series of images, on folios fully covered by miniatures, richly gilded, using only one side of the fine parchment; a luxurious codex worthy of a ruler; a unique iconographic treasury of medieval legends; one of the most significant manuscripts of the medieval Hungarian Kingdom – these are all what we call the Hungarian Angevin Legendary. In this volume, Bea Zsolt Szakacs, associate professor of the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU and head of the Department of Art History at Pazmány Peter Catholic University, seeks to answer questions about how people in the 14th century viewed codex pages through a study of the visual program of the Hungarian Angevin Legendary.

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