Campus Redevelopment Update on Phase I-II

The Nador 13 and 15 buildings are visibly coming to life every day (Phase I), and work has already begun on Phase II of the project.  Here is an overview of the two phases and the progress we have achieved.

Phase I:

Phase I, Nador 13 and 15, will be completed in August and units will move into these new buildings in time for the start of next academic year.  The opening of the two buildings will be only slightly later than originally planned.  The General Contractor is committed to the following handover dates:

·         August 12 - Nador 13:  Business School, Department of Environmental Science and Policy,  Department of Philosophy, Center for Teaching and Learning, External Relations Office and Development Office will move in.

·         August 22 - Nador 15 (Basement, Ground Floor, 1st and 2nd Floors):  This includes the Auditorium, conference rooms, classrooms, the Center for Academic Writing and the ground floor cafe and second floor cafe.   

·         September 12 - Nador 15 (2nd through 6th Floors):  After September 12, the Library reading halls, staff, and technology will be set up.

This plan means that the Library relocation will take place as students are arriving.  Gyorgy Finta and the Campus Services Group, with outside professional help, are preparing to deliver every library workstation and book as smoothly and quickly as possible. The IT Department will set up the new technology services in the Library.  Some services of the Library will be shut down briefly during the move but the relocation process is being planned to ensure the least amount of disruption possible.

Phase II:

The next phase of the project will focus on the Faculty Tower, Oktober 6 utca 12 building, and the new building between the two as well as the building we commonly refer to as the small house.  In this phase, the Faculty Tower will be refurbished, the Oktober 6/12 building will be demolished and new building built, on the place of our current Library.

Over the summer the Open Society Foundations will be relocating to their new permanent space at Molnar utca.  This move will enable the relocation of colleagues in the Faculty Tower to Oktober 6/12 while the Tower is being refurbished.   

These relocations will not happen until February 2017.  This revised timing is due to several factors, including preparatory works in Oktober 6/12.  These works will include the removal of asbestos in the building.  Although this removal could be safely executed while the building is occupied, the Campus Redevelopment Office decided to carry out this work only while it is empty.

In February 2017, when Oktober 6/12 has been safely cleaned, staff from the Faculty Tower will be relocated temporarily to this space. Faculty Tower renovations will be completed by August 2017, staff will return, the Faculty Tower will be back in use, fully integrated with the Phase I development by the start of the academic year 2017/18.  The final part of Phase II, the demolition and rebuilding of Oktober 6/12, will start in August 2017 and is projected to be completed by July 2019.

A full set of communications about these moves and working in the new space, including booking the classrooms, will be again shared well in advance of the year opening this September.

These are exciting and demanding times for everyone on campus. The Campus Redevelopment Office would like to express their sincere thanks for the CEU community’s patience as the successful completion of Phase I approaches, and enlist ongoing support as Phase II begins. While this means some further relocations and minor inconveniences, the integrated and renewed campus that’s being created will be a testament to the vibrant community and academic excellence that make CEU the great institution it is.