CEU's New Building Nears Completion

CEU's campus redevelopment project reached a milestone June 24 when the large "CEU" letters were affixed to the new Nador 15 facade. Excitement is building as the end of Phase I of the three-phase project approaches and CEU prepares to open the new Nador 15 and the renovated Nador 13, which will house a new, large auditorium, the five-floor library, CEU Business School, and several other academic and administrative units. 

CEU's new campus design is only the second higher education institution in continental Europe (and the first in Central and Eastern Europe) to be granted “Very Good” status by BREEAM officials, signifying the University's commitment to green environmental standards. In February, Phase I of the project was named the Planned Project of the Year 2015 in Hungary's “Ev Irodaja” (Office of the Year) competition. 

Construction workers affix the CEU letters to the new Nador 15 facade. Image credit: CEU

The campus redevelopment project is the result of detailed consultations and analysis with members of the University community, experts in sustainable building and construction practices, and local heritage authorities. It was of utmost importance to award-winning architects Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey to acknowledge the way people work and study in the space while delivering a comfortable and functional campus environment. 

CEU invites our community of supporters to make their mark on our new campus. For more information on sponsorship and giving opportunities, please visit: http://www.ceu.edu/campus-redevelopment/funding