New Initiatives Promote Cross-unit Collaboration at CEU

Two new initiatives to promote cross-unit collaboration at the University were discussed in the Academic Forum on May 5 and later endorsed by the Senate  

1)      CEU Course Hub web page

2)      A new regulation to allow all Masters-level students to take 4 credits per academic year outside of their home unit without any formal administrative approvals at the student’s home unit.  

Both initiatives are closely related to the  efforts to stimulate cross-unit collaboration and eliminate administrative barriers. They have been extensively discussed in the Academic Forum in May, in the Senate in June, and at the latest meeting of the Academic Unit Heads.

1)      CEU Course Hub

A new Course Hub search page makes it possible for all courses offered in the current academic year to be accessible via a single interface. In addition, the users have a possibility to search through the courses by applying tools such as:  keyword search or various filters (unit, degree program, or instructor).  Please see the attached picture for a visual presentation.

The goal is to have the Course Hub fully developed and accessible to all  students, faculty and external visitors by August 25, just in time for the students arriving for the Fall term. This means that we will be working with you throughout the summer on making sure that the information about your unit’s course offer for AY 2016/17 is filled out and up-to-date.  This process will be coordinated by the Office of the Academic Secretary, the Web Team and the Administrative Task Force on Cross-Unit Collaboration, so please expect to hear from them soon.

As a first step, the project team is organizing a Course Hub training session for web editors and all interested colleagues on June 29.  Among other topics, the search page will be previewed and updated practices and new fields will be introduced. A follow up session will be offered on 14 July for those who cannot attend the first one. HRO is arranging both sessions and you can sign up here:  

In July the Course Hub search page will be opened for testing by CEU community members after authentication.

Should you have any questions about this project in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact:

CEU Web Team at:    – for technical questions related to the website

Academic Secretary Office at:   – for course content-related questions

Strategic Planning Office at:  – for any other inquiries

2)      Regulation to allow all Masters-level students to take 4 credits per academic year outside of their home unit (without administrative approvals at the home unit)

A review of student handbooks for MA programs across units showed a diversity in regulations regarding whether students are allowed to take courses outside of their home unit.  In an effort to simplify the administrative procedures and encourage cross-unit linkages, a proposal has been put forth to allow all Masters-level students to take up to 4 credits of elective courses per academic year from another academic unit with no formal permissions required  at the student’s home unit.  This proposal has been endorsed by the Senate in June, and is now being introduced as a pilot initiative in AY 2016/17.

In order to facilitate the implementation process, please find a short draft section below that could be incorporated into your program handbooks.

Taking courses at other CEU academic units

CEU promotes interdisciplinarity and cross-unit collaboration.  Therefore, as a Masters-level student you are allowed to earn up to 4 credits per academic year from courses offered by other academic units without any formal approvals required by the [home department or school name]. This is a University-wide regulation endorsed by the CEU Senate. To learn about courses offered at other departments, please visit:  

For questions about modifications to the program handbooks, please contact the Academic Secretary, Tatiana Yarkova at   

For other questions related to this initiative, please contact  Julia Iwinska, Strategic Planning Director at