Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe

Edited by Michaela Kottig, professor of Communication and Conflict Resolution at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Renate Bitzan, professor of Social Sciences at the Technische Hochschule Nurnberg, and Andrea Peto, professor at the Department of Gender Studies at CEU, this book is a systematic consideration of the link between the extreme right and the discourse about developments in regard to gender issues within different national states. The contributors analyze right-wing extremist tendencies in Europe under the specific perspective on gender. The volume brings together the few existing findings concerning the quantitative dimension of activities carried out by men and women in different countries, and illuminates and juxtaposes gender ratios along with the role of women in right-wing extremism. Along with the gender-specific access to right-wing groups, the chapters look at networks, organizational forms, specific strategies of female right-wing extremists, their ideologies (especially regarding femininity and masculinity), hetero normativity, discourses on sexuality, and preventive and counter-strategies. The book will be of use to students and scholars interested in gender and politics, European politics, and political extremism.​  

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