Senate Decisions Enter into Force

The CEU Senate decisions taken at the May 27, 2016 meeting have now entered into force.

The Senate adopted modifications to several university policies, including the Equal Opportunity Policy, the Academic Staff Handbook, the Student Rights, Rules and Academic Regulations, the Organizational and Operational Regulations, the Admissions Policy, and the Write-Up Grant Guidelines. The summary of modifications is provided below.  All policies can be accessed online at the CEU Document Repository at Please remember to log-in with your Novell ID and password to be able to view the documents.

The Senate elected new members and chairs to some Senate committees. For the list of members of Senate Committees, please see: The Senate also approved the appointment of Paul Marer as Professor Emeritus.

Summary of policy modifications:

CEU Equal Opportunity Policy. This policy was first adopted by the Senate in May 2015 (replacing the temporary version of the policy which has been in place since 2008), however the legal review by the US legal counsels was still pending. This has since been completed, and the current version of the policy adopted by the Senate accommodates both the Hungarian and the US legal requirements.

Academic Staff Handbook

-          The format of faculty’s Individual Academic Activity Report (IAAR) has been modified in order to align the report with the Hungarian statistical reporting requirements and eliminate double reporting by faculty (Appendix II to the Handbook).

-          The open-ended questions in the course evaluation form have been aligned with those of the Business School (Appendix V to the Handbook).

-          Section III.B.4. on course and supervision evaluation has been extended to include additional modes of evaluation and feedback (in addition to the standard evaluation forms).

-          Re-appointment and promotion requirements and administrative workload distribution for faculty with joint appointments have been clarified (sections IV.D.4 and V.B.2).

-          Criteria for filling faculty positions by invitation have been clarified (section II.B.3).

Student Rights, Rules, and Academic Regulations

-          Termination of studies due to unsatisfactory record: student's status will remain "enrolled" instead of "suspended enrollment" during the time of appeal (section 6.3).

-          Double-counting of credits: Double counting of credits at the CEU Business School can lead to a student being awarded not more than two Business School degrees. The credits of the first degree must have been earned not more than six years prior to the year when the second CEU degree will be conferred (section 4.3.2).

-          Information on the process of course and evaluation supervision by students has been included in the policy (section 2.3).

Organizational and Operational Regulations

The term of the Rector has been modified from four to five years (Section 10 (8)).

The Admissions Policy and Procedures

The CEU-administered TOEFL exam that was offered at a reduced number of test locations in 2016 will be discontinued starting with the 2017/18 recruitment cycle. With a steadily increasing international pool of applicants, only a marginal number of whom reside in countries where the CEU-administered TOEFL exam can be made available, the CEU-sponsored test has become obsolete.

The Senate approved further modifications to the policy through an electronic vote in August 2016.  The most recent set of policy modifications is triggered by CEU’s transition to the new integrated student management system Tribal/SITS, which will replace the Embark platform for admissions management.

As the new system is designed in a way that it registers applications to specific degree programs rather than academic units, the modified policy allows an applicant to submit applications to a maximum of five degree programs (whereas the previous policy allowed an applicant to apply to a maximum of two academic units, but to any number of degree programs within each).

The other modification is the change of the currency in which the application fee is denominated. As the online payment system in the new integrated database is no longer hosted by a US provider, all payments will be made via the CEU payment gateway. The application fee will now be 30 EUR (instead of the previous fee of 40 USD).

Guidelines on Write-up Grant Applications

The date of the end of the enrolment of write-up grant recipients has been changed to coincide with the submission deadline (in case this does not remain the same as the original one). The grant letter will also include an explicit statement that the recipient intends to complete the dissertation during the write-up grant period and to submit it one month after the end of that period.