The University in the Twenty-first Century: Teaching the New Enlightenment in the Digital Age

September 5, 2016

Written by Yehuda Elkana, former President and Rector of Central European University, and Hannes Klopper, CEO and co-founder of iversity GmbH, and edited by Marvin Lazerson, professor of Higher Education at Central European University, this book is a collaborative effort between two partners: one experienced and seasoned veteran, the other an energetic young novice. The core thesis of this book rests on the emergence of a “New Enlightenment,” which requires a revolution in curriculum and teaching in order to translate the academic philosophy of global contextualism into universal practice or application. Comprehensive reform with this in mind means no less than a revolution in the history of thought. The university as an institution is asked to revamp teaching in order to impart a new understanding of knowledge to students so as to foster critical thinking that would serve them their entire lives.

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