CEU Library Access Prior to Move

The new CEU Library will open in October 2016, final opening date will be confirmed later.

Library staff are in the process of shifting the most heavily used collections from the closed stacks into the current Reading Halls to prepare for the move so they will be more easily accessible in the new Library.  There’ll be room for about 2 years growth for new books in the new Reading Halls. The new Readings Halls will have more space overall than the current Reading Halls.

Library materials that are not in the Reading Halls can be requested as usual although they will take Library staff a little longer to retrieve since they will remain in the stacks in Faculty Tower/Nador 9 once the Library moves to Nador 15.  As part of Phase 2 Redevelopment that includes Faculty Tower/Nador 9, two new library stack areas will be created, to be completed in late 2017.  Meanwhile, the books and periodical back files (many of which are duplicated with online versions) will be kept in the current stack areas.  

Print course reserves and course readers will be available throughout the relocation process.

For more information, contact Diane Geraci, director ot the CEU Library at dgeraci@ceu.edu, or use contactlibrary@ceu.edu.