Ignatieff on Clegg's Memoir in Financial Times

CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff writes about former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's recent memoir "Politics: Between the Extremes" in the Financial Times. 

"The liberal agenda of constitutional reform, devolution, rights empowerment, a transparent state, and a political style committed to rational policy argument does not hold much attraction for those left behind in globalisation’s wake. Clegg sees this but is struggling, as most of us are, to construct a liberal appeal that reaches out to frightened people, battered by an insecurity at once economic and existential. He offers policies — infrastructure investment, house construction, reform of the banks — when what the electorate wants is a narrative that persuades them that their elites actually know what they are doing. For it is not the anger of globalisation’s losers that ought to worry us most, but the blindness of its winners," writes Ignatieff.

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