Campus Access, Relocation Updates

The following units and departments have been relocated:

· External Relations Office – Nador 13 Ground Floor (G02;G07)
· Space Planning and Operation Office (Viktoria Zalavari and Zsolt Ilija) – Nador 13 Ground Floor (G08)
· Database implementation Team (Nora Erdei, Istvan Kadar-Toth) – Nador 9 MB 3rd Floor (previous ERO offices)
· Development Office (Trisha Tanner, Krisztina Moricz and Jason Weedon) – Nador 13 Ground Floor
· Development Office (Kata Nagy) –Nador 9 MB M01

Phone extensions and email addresses remain unchanged.

The Media Lab of CEU Communications Office has been moved from MB Room 208
to MB Room 5 on the Mezzanine floor. 

Nador 13 Acccess

The entrance at Nador 13 has been closed (it will now function only as a fire escape). You can access Nador 13 from either Nador 15 or Nador 11 (these linkages are now open).

Roof Garden Access

The new roof garden above Nador 13 and 15 is now open. Please note to that to reach this space you can use the lifts in Nador 15 or 13 or the stairs in Nador 13. It is not possible to access the roof from the Library space (floors 2-6) in Nador 15; this space will be opening in October.

Starting from next week the Nador 9 Auditorium will be called the Old Auditorium, and the new one in Nador 15 will become the Auditorium.

Campus tours

Campus tours will be regularly organized in the upcoming weeks for those who are interested to see the new buildings. If you are booked to attend a tour next week and cannot make it, please cancel your booking in doodle and notify us at this e-mail address as there is a waiting list.

Tour Information:
Length of the tour: about 1 hour
Meeting Point: Outside Nador 15 (main entrance)
Wednesday, 21st, 10.00 am
Thursday, 22nd, 2.00 pm
Friday, 23rd, 11.00 am
Sign up: Please register for a tour using this Doodle link (please note a maximum 25 people can participate in one tour):

Vigyazo Building Renovation

Please be informed that the inner court and façade of Vigyazo Ferenc building is currently under renovation by the building owner. These renovation works are scheduled to be finished by mid-December this year. Due to the increased load of noise and dust you are kindly requested to close all the windows facing toward the inner courtyard.
We regret all inconveniences caused by these renovation works.