Zofia Pazitna

Name: Zofia Pazitna
Title: Project Officer
Number of years at CEU: 8 plus one year as MA student at Sociology
Home city/town & country: Komárno, Slovakia

What’s your favorite Hungarian food?

Szilvasgomboc (plum dumpling) as used to be made by my Grandmother

Whose works of art or design have had the greatest impression on you?

I've admired Van Gogh since I was a child

What’s your favorite language, whether you speak it or not?

Dutch, particularly the Zeeuwse Dialect spoken in the province of Zeeland

What’s your favorite quote or idiom?

Everything is funny if you can laugh at it. (Cheshire Cat, Alice in the Wonderland, Lewis Carroll)

What do you like to do best on Sundays?

Take a walk at a river/sea/lake, practically at any water

Which is your favorite building, park, museum, or public spot in Budapest?

It must be the new Nador 15. Sorry, I'm biased.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


What is your favorite or most visited website or blog?


Name one adventure you'd like to have:

Have a glass of rum with Gabriel Garcia Marquez