Wilke Named Director of CEU Center for Religious Studies

Carsten Wilke, associate professor in the CEU Departments of History and Medieval Studies, has been named director of the Center for Religious Studies (CRS). He takes over for University Professor Aziz Al-Azmeh from the History Department.

Wilke joined CEU in 2009, teaching courses in the Jewish Studies Specialization as well as in the general curricula of the History and Medieval Studies Departments. His teaching covers Jewish history and culture from Antiquity to the present, as well as other aspects of the interaction between religious cultures and communities in Europe and in the Mediterranean region. He has been a CRS Fellow since 2013 and on the CRS Executive Committee since 2015. He has also served as director of the 2YMA Program at History and Medieval Studies Department in 2013-2015.

For more information, see http://religion.ceu.edu/article/2016-09-27/carsten-wilke-named-director-...