HRSI to Host Coming Out Days

The Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) is hosting a celebration of the Coming Out Day on October 10-11. It is an annual LGBTQI awareness day when we celebrate coming out as a member of the LGBTQI community or as an ally, and promote a safe world for LGBTQI people to live truthfully and openly.

‘Coming Out’ Photography Project

Are you someone who has personal experience of coming out or having someone come out to you, or who simply wants to show support as allies? Share your story! Volunteers will take your picture and listen to your story. The pictures and stories will be published on HRSI’s Facebook page from October 10.

All CEU community members (students, faculty and staff) and friends are welcome. If interested, check the availability of volunteers on the event’s webpage and contact them directly to arrange a meet-up.

Info Table

October 10-11, midday to 2pm

Octagon (Nador 9)

Get useful resources for LGBTQI people and allies, and have pictures of yourselves taken with supportive messages about coming out. Ask questions or chat with the living library about coming out, and learn more about the CEU LGBTQI Club. 

Art Jam

October 10, 5.20pm

Room FT609 (Nador 9 – Faculty Tower)

Bring a T-shirt or bag (those of light colours will work best), and creativity! Stencils, sprays, stars and glitter, snacks and drinks will be provided.

Open Mic

October 11, 5.30pm

Nador 9 Auditorium

Do you like singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or/and performing poetry? Do you have something to say about topics related to gender and sexuality? Now is your chance to shine!

If interested in speaking or performing at the Open Mic, send your name and creative idea to by October 10..

The Open Mic will feature the Hate Speech Monologues crew,  a Tahitian dance group, and African dance by CEU student dancers.

Snacks and drinks will be provided!


Find out more about the event on our website; and join the event on Facebook.