CEU Room Booking System Updated

October 18, 2016

CEU's room booking system (booking.ceu.edu)  has been updated.  Find a list of the completed updates below.  Additional smaller updates are likely to happen throughout the year.

1.    a photo of each location has been uploaded

2.    there are now three signs indicating the built-in equipment available in each classroom

·      classrooms marked by the sign > have a built-in projector and laptop/computer

·      classrooms marked by the sign x have built-in interactive smart boards

·      classrooms marked by the sign ¤ have a built-in LCD screen

3.    the equipment list has been updated

·      deleting of outdated and no longer available items such as VHS cassette players, television sets, audio tape cassette players etc.

·      and adding new items such as Mac adapter, presenter (wireless remote control with laser pointer), external webcam, blue-ray player, etc.

4.    N15 101 room name has been changed to N15 Quantum 101

5.    Roof Event Area has been added as a bookable space under the N13 building, this section has a max capacity of 60 pax for a bookable area, the remainder is to remain a community area. The Space Booking Policy is about to be extended as follows:

·      roof event area section is located at the street front section of the N13 building

·      rooftop is accessible (open) between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily

·      this event area is the only part of the Rooftop area that can be booked for specific events, the rest of the roof area must remain available/accessible for the CEU community

·      the capacity of this roof event area is max 60 pax

·      it is suggested that in the case of each such booking there is a potential alternative location as a B option in case of bad weather

·      limited catering arrangements are possible in the roof event area; however, only paper and/or plastic cups and plates are allowed due to security reasons; and chafing dishes cannot be left unsupervised

·      loud or noisy activities are not permitted and only soft background music can be played in the roof event area and in general around the rooftop garden

·      consultation with SPO is suggested/recommended prior to sending the room request