Meet Adri Bruckner

Name: Adri Bruckner
Title: Director of Communications
Number of years at CEU: 4
Home city/town & country: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

What's your favorite Hungarian food?

Turos csusza

Whose works of art or design have had the greatest impression on you?

Frank Lloyd Wright

What's your favorite language, whether you speak it or not?

Hungarian is beautiful, Japanese is funky

What's your favorite quote or idiom?

Diversity is a source of strength, not weakness. –Justin Trudeau

What do you like to do best on Sundays?

Canoeing, skating, or skiing with family and friends, or sleeping.

Which is your favorite building, park, museum, or public spot in Budapest?

The Danube – Romai part, Nep sziget...

What's your guilty pleasure?


What is your favorite or most visited website or blog? of course! Then Facebook and NPR.

Name one adventure you'd like to have:

Just one? Explore Kerala, India or go rafting in Costa Rica.