New Roles, Appointments at Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office has announced recent structural changes implemented to further improve the resources in place supporting CEU students during their time at CEU and Budapest, and to support CEU's mission and the Office's efficiency. t

Changes in the Student Center :

Viktoria Magocsi, previously Student Life Coordinator, has been appointed as new Student Insurance, Health and Well-Being Officer. Viktoria is responsible for student insurance, student parents, and communication with the Medical Center among other tasks. Location, extension: Nador 11 room 304, ext. 2042. 

Richard Kartosonto, Student Life and Residency Officer is responsible for issues related to residence in Hungary, Hungarian student IDs and the arrival procedure for new students among other tasks. Location, extension: Nador 11 room 304, ext. 3688.

Edina Tipter has been promoted to Head of Student Records. She will be working together with the Student Records team and can be reached at extension 2492; Nador 11, room 307.

From this academic year, the Dean of Students Office supports and oversees the Human Rights Student Initiative (HRSI) activities working together with Zsofia Suba and the HRSI team. Location, extension:  FT passageway to Okt 6 building, ext. 2377.

A new office called Student Leadership and Service Office (SLSO) has been created. The Student Leadership and Service Office will engage with a variety of tasks, among them: offering opportunities to CEU students to learn more about and help civil society; working together with the Human Rights Student Initiative (HRSI); coordinating with the Student Union; establishing the Dean of Students’ Advisory Board; work with external stakeholders on issues related to public service; and organizing student events throughout the year.

The director of the new office is Emese Boldizsar. Location, extension: Nador 11 room 321, ext. 3061. Bernadette Fekete and Eva Nagygyorgy are moving from Student Life to this office to support its work. Location, extensions: Nador 11 room 305, ext. 2043 and 3088 respectively.

Due to this reorganization, the Student Life Office ceased to exist and the position of Director of Student Life was discontinued.