New Student Information System to Be Implemented at CEU

CEU is undertaking a major replacement of its student data management systems – namely, replacing the current Recruitment and Admissions database tool (Embark) and the complete Student Records and academic progress tool (Infosys/UIS). This decision follows several years of assessment, review and research on both what CEU's needs are and solutions available. As a result, a company called Tribal, specifically their product called SITS, has been selected to provide an integrated data management solution for CEU. This selection was made by the President, Provost and Vice President for Administration this past spring at the recommendation of a working group comprised of key end-users – recruitment, admissions, student records and coordinators, who reviewed the potential suppliers. 

Objective: This project aims to streamline the flow of data around the University, particularly for students as they transition from being prospective to admitted to enrolled students; to improve significantly the user experience both for students and faculty/staff; and to facilitate the access and usage of key data on students, courses, and university information in a more integrated and comprehensive way across CEU.

Current Status: Project implementation is following the student's lifecycle at CEU. As such, the new version of the University's enquiry forms that support the work of the Recruitment Office and new application form are about to be launched. Next steps will include reviewing and building out the background processes to support the admissions procedures, defining CEU's academic structure within the system and migrating student records. The goal is to then continue the journey of the AY 17/18 cohort entirely in SITS (i.e. all their records will be managed within the new system).

Future Communications: In addition to receiving quarterly communications updates (milestones, highlights, possible delays), the aim is to show the community as much as possible of the new system, through regular demos, Q&A sessions with Tribal, asking some members to participate in testing the system's functionality, and of course when the time comes, providing relevant training. Department or unit heads will be contacted about any aspects of the project that impact your department or unit. Some colleagues are already testing, working on data migration or helping develop SITS to manage CEU's financial/ student aid structure. To make this project a success will require everyone's hard work and also flexibility to challenge and think strategically about how to handle operational processes.

Additional information: The project is being overseen by the Vice President for Administration, in cooperation with an Advisory Committee. Nora Erdei, head of implementation, is managing the project, with a project team comprised of leaders in each of the core areas (Recruitment, Admissions, Records, Finance, Financial Aid), along with a Coordinator Advisory Group. More information can be found in a set of Frequently Asked Questions that have been prepared, accessible here. Any further questions can be addressed to