Senate Decision on Modifications to CEU Doctoral Regulations Enters into Force

The Senate decision to modify the university’s Doctoral Regulations has entered into force. The modifications only affect students enrolled in the Hungarian-accredited doctoral programs (History and Economics), and only those enrolled starting from the current academic year.

The most important amendments are the introduction of a Complex Exam at the end for the second year (replacing the Rigorosum), the (re)definition of the composition of the relevant exam committees, the specification of the deadline for submission of the dissertation (three years after the Complex Exam) and the regulation of leave of absence.

The modified section of the regulations is section 10: “Additional regulations for students enrolled in Hungarian-accredited doctoral schools”. The section now consists of two parts: “For students enrolled before the academic year 2016-17”, and “For students enrolled from the academic year 2016-17”. The modifications enter into force effective immediately.

All policies can be accessed online through CEU Document Repository at using a Novell ID and password