Call for Donations to CEU Homeless Project

Zsuzsanna Jaszberenyi, director of Admissions at CEU, started her campaign for homeless people in 2009, when Budapest shelters ran out of funds and couldn’t provide food for the homeless. “Families were encouraged to cook for people in need. After doing so for a while at home, I shared the call with the CEU community, and we repeat the drive every year,” Jaszberenyi says. The campaign aims to provide a warm and one or two cold meals to each of the 75 people at Vajdahunyad Shelter in Budapest’s 8th district every week from the second weekend of December until the donated amounts last, usually around the end of April.

Donations are welcome in the form of meal tickets or cash in interdepartmental envelopes. To donate, contact Jaszberenyi at, or the colleagues below, who kindly offered to help collect the donations:

-       Ildiko Chikan/Sociology and Social Anthropology Department,

-       Csilla Dobos/Medieval Studies Department,

-       Reka Finta/Cognitive Science Department,

-       Heni Griecs/School of Public Policy,

-       Agnes Makary/Center for Academic Writing,

-       Aniko Molnar/History Department,

-       Robert Sata/Political Science Department,

-       Kriszta Szabados/Environmental Sciences and Policy Department,

-       Katalin Szimler/Economics Department,

-       Nora Varro/Legal Studies Department