Sych Receives Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice

CEU's Vice President for Enrollment, Recruitment and Alumni Relations Serge Sych (IRES ’97, LEGS ’99), received the European Association for International Education’s (EAIE) Bo Gregersen Award for pioneering an integrated alumni relations model in Europe at the EAIE Annual Conference in Liverpool September 13-16

Sych, who also serves on the EAIE General Council and CASE Board of Trustees, said all credit is due to CEU alumni themselves: everyone who has attended CEU events, volunteered their time, helped recruit new students or supported the Alumni Campaign.

“This is much their honor as ours,” he said.

To celebrate and to further increase participation, Sych pledged to donate all $1,000 of his Gregersen Award money to establish a matching gift for the Alumni Campaign, details to be released soon.

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